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Bite Size Your Social Media in 60 Seconds: Your Facebook Fan Page

You’ve set up your Facebook Fan Page, the Timeline cover image looks perfect – now what?

Since I promised to make this bite-size, I won’t get into the deep intellectual musings of a Facebook strategy, an editorial calendar or any such thing. Just the quick and dirty, so here goes:

Your Goal

Your key goal with your Facebook Page is to increase engagement and quality of followers i.e fans. Engagement definitely equals growth. Leads will come in time.

Your Page

First and foremost make your Facebook Page HUMAN. Yes, human. Make it real, make it believable and above all make it authentic as you and your company are. Remember, it’s a place for real conversation, fun, company or industry news, a space to share interesting photos and videos, to get feedback on a product or service and so on. Resist the temptation of becoming a ‘pushy salesman or woman’.  Too much sales pitch is a complete turn off.

Your Facebook Interaction

When you post on your Facebook Page you really are looking for any of these four main interactions/engagements:

  4. Clicks

Why You Should Care

It’s simple. The higher the level of interaction/engagement with your Page the more likely you are to show up in your fan’s newsfeed. It also makes for a healthy page. It’s a mistake to believe that all your fans will see every single post. According to Facebook, only sixteen (16%) of your fans see your posts and that is dependent on the size of your company – so in some cases it’s lower.  Sixteen percent is not a whole lot if you have a few hundred and hence the need to have a healthy fan base.

Specific Content

In Social Fresh’s recent eBook publication Facebook Idea Vault they contend (and I agree) that you should “use different content types to reach more fans and drive all four types of Facebook interactions: likes, comments, shares and clicks”.

They further reveal that Facebook gives these specifics:

For Likes, just ask for the like “Like this if….”

For Comments ask a question in the post

For Shares Facebook suggest photos, albums, video


There you have it folks, straight from the horse’s mouth and probably in 60 seconds.

Please share content that has worked best for your Facebook Page.

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