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Say NO to summer slump: Hit the ground running for the fall

Shawn Fidler of The Co-operators in Brampton, ON calls it ‘facial recognition’. A summer strategy he uses to check-in and reconnect with his clients over coffee or lunch. He also uses it as an opportunity to get out and about in his community.

According to Fidler, this is how he takes advantage of the summer months so there is no summer slump. “Summer is great for my business, my clients are more relaxed, their schedules are lighter and they tend to have a more positive mindset as the weather is beautiful,” says Fidler.

Experiencing a summer slump or turbo charging your business over the summer is entirely up to you.

Here are seven super easy ways to turbo charge your business summertime:

1.       Take a break. Get away

Recharging your batteries should be mandatory. Your business success relies on your health as the business owner. You can’t grow the business if you are sick or laid up in the hospital. Make it a priority to schedule vacation time, disconnect from your electronics and chillax.

If shorter blocks of time work better, consider 4 day weeks with a longer weekend or work in the mornings and take the afternoons off.

2.       Review your business plan

Set aside a few hours or a day to review your business and/or marketing plan (hopefully there is one). It’s a way to determine if your business is on track to reach its goals, what has worked, what hasn’t and what needs improvement.  It’s an opportune time to detail your action plan for the rest of the year.

3.       Reconnect with your clients

Remember the old adage: “Out of sight, out of mind?” Since this is the last thing you want, use this time to reconnect with your clients and business partners over lunch or coffee. Exchange ideas, catch up on what’s new or share your new products and services.

4.       Refresh your website

With search engines always looking for fresh content, summer is the perfect time to review and refresh the information on your website. If you have new products and services, if your prices have changed, if you have won awards or have been mentioned in the media, this is good fodder for your website. If your site is very dated and still using old technology a more extensive makeover might be required.

5.       Meet new people

Summer is a great time to meet new and interesting people. Make it a goal to attend  networking events, business mixers, golf days, barbecues, whatever.

Meeting new people is only the beginning; building long lasting relationship is the clincher. Have a plan and be intentional.

6.       Give back to your clients and community

Giving back to your clients and community shows that you care and appreciate their support. It elevates your business and provides meaningful exposure. Who doesn’t love a great barbecue, car wash or golf day? Don’t forget to offer your guest some kind of incentive or special.

7.       Back up your data

If your computer has crashed before and you have lost your data, you know the intense pain and inconvenience. This is a great time to back-up everything, do a tune up and upgrade where you need to.

Commit to using your summer months wisely and then jump into action. Do this and you will hit the ground running in the fall.

For more ideas on how to avoid the summer slump write to us at or call 647 449 6760.


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