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All About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites out there right now. But what is it? Do you just post your resume and find people you’ve worked with in the past? That can’t be it and it isn’t. When used correctly, LinkedIn is an effective way to network with other professionals in your industry and to grow your corporate awareness. There are currently over 175 million users of this popular site, but not everyone is using it correctly or effectively.

You need to approach LinkedIn with a strategy. Merely posting your resume or business goals will not get you very far.

Treat LinkedIn as a conversation. Use your page to talk to the people in your network, new business prospects and current clients. Use that conversation to engage viewers, talk to them about what you can do for them, how you can make them better and how this relationship can work. Share everything with your viewers that you would when you meet a new client.

Here are five ways to make LinkedIn work for you – helping you target communities, network with potential business partners and promote your business.

  1. Make your personal profile enticing. You want people to want to review your page, so make it appealing. Include a call to action and show people why they should be interested in you. Whether you decide to make your job descriptions more appealing, add apps to help your page stand out, or change your personal headline, there are choices you can make to make your page unique and enticing.
  2. Build a strong company page. Write in the third person voice, tell your audience about your business and the benefits that it will offer them. If you are currently using other social media sites, include links to those pages as well. Including other forms of media is a great draw too – upload a video and pictures to make the page visually appealing.
  3. Join groups. By joining various groups – local business associations, industry groups, alumni associations – it makes your page easier to find. Join groups that your customers may be in. Then be engaging – post comments, contribute to conversations and get engaged. Make yourself stand out.
  4. Answer questions. Under the more section, click on answers, and you will see a list of questions posed by people in your network. Answer some of them. Demonstrate your knowledge in the industry and increase your visibility. It will help to position you as an expert and a leader.
  5. Prospect for new business. Follow companies that you hope to do business with, keep up with industry news and change. You may notice a post or update in their profile that gives you the opportunity to reach out.

LinkedIn is a great tool to use both personally and professionally, and with these simple tips you are well on your way to improving your page and your “networkability”.

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