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The Power of Email Marketing


Email marketing is often overlooked because it is not as trendy and glamorous as other hot marketing tactics such as social media, or television and radio for the larger players. But why? It’s highly effective, direct and cost effective.


Here are some of the benefits that email marketing can offer and how this tactic can be used effectively.


Measurability. You don’t know who’s reading direct mail, who’s scouring your Twitter feed or watching your online videos. But with email marketing, within 24 hours you can tell who has read your message, what links were clicked on and what part of your message was successful. Popular tools to help you do this include Campaign Monitor or Mail Chimp.


Substance. Email marketing allows your customers to dig deeper, not just read the message on the surface and leave it at that. By using the technology effectively, the email message is just the starting point. By including links to other materials, email marketing directs your audience directly to your message.


Sales. Often opening a marketing email will lead a customer to purchase a particular item or lead them to other products they may be interested in that they wouldn’t have known about previously.


Cost Effective. Unlike TV, there is no need for design studios, media buys or ad agencies. Direct mail costs hundreds of dollars per thousand pieces, and traditional newspaper or magazine space costs thousands of dollars. With email, there is almost no cost at all. You can effectively use existing artwork, logos or photos to improve the visibility and then link readers to the bigger picture.


Targeted. If you have an existing contact list, you are directing your message to people who have already shown an interest in your service or who have willingly signed up to receive information from you. You have that interested group there already, the perfect audience to communicate with.


Email marketing is an effective way to relay your message. To help find ways to integrate email marketing into your communications mix, email me at


This blog post was inspired by the Harvard Business Reviews, Why Email Marketing is King. Click here to view the original article.

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