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Part 3 – Small Business Marketing Ideas You Can Steal Now. A 5 Part Series

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Part 3 – Small Business Marketing Ideas You Can Steal Now. A 5 Part Series

If you have been following this series, I sincerely hope by now you would have tried at least one of these ideas.  If you have, let me know what’s been working for you and the results you have seen.  Who to tell, you might just inspire another small business to do something or try something new.


For now, let’s keep it moving with more insights.


11. Write articles and submit to your local newspaper or internet syndication

When your marketing and advertising dollars are scarce to non-existent and you have a talent for stringing a word or two together sensibly, writing articles for your local newspaper or trade publication could be your ticket to low cost advertising.


Local newspapers or trade publications are always in need of good articles, so if you are a wordsmith, start putting pen to paper.  Typically, in exchange for your article you get a byline or author’s bio. This is worth its weight in gold and a good way to promote your business.  In addition, you establish yourself as a subject matter expert.


Consider, as well, submitting your articles to a variety of websites and article directories.  It’s a good way to be found online.


Many small businesses overlook the value of a good press release; it’s publicity you cannot buy.  So if you’ve just received an award, opened a second location, celebrated a significant milestone, innovated the most sought after eco-product or established a new charity – these are all newsworthy reasons to send a well crafted press release to your local media. The editor could be all over it. 




12. Put your company name, logo and first name on your winter and spring jackets.

This strategy isn’t novel but sure is underutilized by small businesses. This practice can prove to be successful. It tends to a real ice-breaker and can lead to an interesting conversation with a prospect.  


A real estate broker once boasted that this is one of the most effective promotional strategies he’s used over the years.  He says it breaks the ice all the time, whether he’s at his son’s hockey practice or simply up and about his daily business.  There’s a reason why more established companies have logoed garments for their employees – any guesses?


13. Plan a contest. Contests are a great way to get noticed

Want to create some buzz? Creating a contest is surefire way to do so. Who doesn’t like a contest especially if the prizes are great? It’s a tried and tested strategy that works.


You can create any contest you wish – your dream job, dream kids, dream spouse….you get the picture. Be sure that the contest and prize fit with your business. After all, you’re looking to create buzz for your business.


Plan your contest carefully. How long will your contest run for? Will you offer just one grand prize or several? How will you communicate your contest and how will you communicate with your entrants.

Once the contest is over and there’s a winner be sure to publicize the happy recipient (ensure your winner signs a release) with photos and announcements in the local press, in your e-newsletter, on your Linked In, on your Twitter and so on.

 14. Send Thank You notes or letters to your customers or people who have been helpful to you

 How much is fifty words and a fifty cent stamp worth to your business? How about:


  • lifetime customers
  •  sendless referrals
  • new business
    more frequent purchase
  • Improve vendor relations

 The list goes on.


Do you realize that a simple thank you note is the most powerful and cost effective relationship tool you can use in your marketing tool box?  If not yet a practice, be sure to include Thank You notes, cards or letters in your arsenal. This simple act has been proven must do.


15. Network with your IDEAL Client type and/or connectors. Join a gym where they hangout


In order to hangout or network where you find your IDEAL client type and/or connectors, first you need to establish who they are.  You may begin by creating an Ideal Client Profile – ask yourself (better yet, document your answers to) questions like these:

  • What business or career are they in?
  • What demographics do they fit? (age, sex, race, religion, income, marital status, etc.)
  • What’s important to them in business and in life?
  • What do they value most about you and your business?
  • What personality characteristics do they have?
  • What do you get from them (besides payment)?

What’s the nature of the relationship (transactional, relational, customer for life, friend, family etc)With a better understanding of who they are, now think about where to find them – in civic groups, particular professions or industry, professional or other kinds of associations, gyms or an ‘old boys club’.


Armed with the ‘where’ next, get in the game and join, hangout or become a part of their network.  Be strategic.


Until part 4, do something. Anything, worthwhile.


By: Dorothy Vernon-Brown

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