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Eight (8) Rules for Life and Business

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Eight (8) Rules for Life and Business

lifeandbusiness1I was thinking the other day, how life seems to mirror business and vice-versa. For many business owners business and personal life are pretty much like Siamese twins – inseparable.
Here, I present some simple ‘rules’ that I think if you apply to your life as you do your business, you will find both success and happiness.

Rule #1. Surround yourself with people smarter than you are
The days of disassociating with ‘smart’ people are over. That was high school. Surrounding your self with people smarter than you is plain smart. The goal is to learn from them so you can become a better person and a better business owner. As the Desiderata reminds us “if you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater or lesser persons than yourself.”

Rule #2. Remember Who You Are, Not What
Too often, we get wrapped up in the outside trappings of wealth, achievement and other worldly measures of tangible success. I believe that the measure of a man should not be decided by money, degrees or social ranking but rather by character. How often do we see the rich, powerful and social elite lose their moral compass? Character wins every time.

Rule #3. Trying to fit in only leads to mediocrity
As humans, why do we find it easier to fit in than to stand out? Are we just scared or lack the courage to be a disruptor or trailblazer? Do we find comfort and security in being like everyone else? The truth is, great leaders and successful men and women all dared to be different, to push the envelope. They were uncomfortable being ordinary – being second rated. It’s time to stick out like a purple cow.

Rule #4. Reinvent Yourself. Repeat
People have a way of positioning you or your product in their minds – whether for good or bad. Think about how parents have to reposition the way they view their children as they move from one stage of life to the other. What do you need to do to disrupt the way people think about you and/or your business?

Is it pursuing a long held dream? Learning a new skill or re-engaging in life with more passion and purpose. Did you hear of the fifty one year old former CEO who is now pursuing medicine? I double dare you to reinvent yourself and your business!

Rule #5. Life will always test you to see how much you want success, so show it.
The story of Soichiro Honda, founder of Honda is a classic case. The lessons are timeless. To try and facilitate it in this blog would be an injustice. Check the internet, your local library or favourite book store for this story of life, tests and success.

Rule #6. Learning is the second most powerful thing you can do, taking action is number one
There is so much to be said about this rule. First, if you’re not taking action everyday, no matter how small you are not moving. If you are not deliberate in learning something new often then you are STAGNANT.

My dad, even in his nineties reminded me that one only stops learning when he/she is dead. He practiced what he preached – he was a month shy of being one hundred when he stopped learning.

Rule #7. Every challenge can be overcome with time, effort, and knowledge
When you feel hopeless or helpless because of your challenges and circumstance, might I point you to the inspiring story of Stephanie Nielson of Utah. Surviving a near death plane crash (the pilot didn’t), 80% burn on her body and a six month coma, she is overcoming her challenge with time and effort. To be encouraged and inspired check out her blog at www.NieNie Dialogues.

Rule #8. You learn far more by failing than being successful
Here’s why I wholeheartedly believe that failure is a wonderful teacher. When you fail you are a) ‘forced’ to think laterally and very often out of the box b) examine new and better ways of solving a problem c) gain invaluable experience on what to do and what not to do c) building character d) separating the weak from the strong e) beginning to have an honest conversation with yourself.

Next time you fail at something, don’t be too hard on yourself, just walk away with the lessons and commit to being better.

What are your rules for life and business? Please share.

By: Dorothy Vernon-Brown

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