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Run Your Small Business Like A Motorcycle: How To Boost Your Company’s Marketing With Focus and Direction

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Run Your Small Business Like A Motorcycle: How To Boost Your Company’s Marketing With Focus and Direction

While driving on the highway this past weekend I saw something that caught my attention. While cruising behind a motorcycle for some time, I noticed that every time he passed another motorcyclist he made a gesture acknowledging his fellow rider, expressing a kind of shared respect. Whether it was a flash of the peace sign, a quick wave of the hand, or a simple head nod, there was almost always some sort of positive interaction between the two.

Which got me thinking…what is it about owning a motorcycle that makes people feel this innate bond with fellow hog riders? A deep culture has been created somewhere along the lines that doesn’t judge people by their age, race, paint job, brand of bike, or any other form of minutia. No, it’s strictly tied to a similar passion shared between two people, regardless of how similar or different they might actually be.

There’s something that can be learned here by small business owners, such as myself. It’s the importance of creating something long-lasting and meaningful with your brand. What are your customers interested in? Where do they socialize? What will make them become raving fans?

Whether there are thousands of people in your target market that could rally around your brand – like motorcycle enthusiasts – or hundreds, it’s important to truly understand your market, cater to their needs, and speak to them with the same passion you had when you first opened up your doors and decided to start your business. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but it will help you realize where your business needs to be to create that stronger connection with your customers.

Having a well thought out marketing plan often goes a long way in understanding what you need to do in order to have a closer connection with your customers. The key is expressing your brand message with a genuine passion.

Developing a marketing plan will force you to answer the tough questions you’ve likely been putting off and, although it may not solve everything, it will likely help you hone in on what you need to do to have a more desirable product or service.

You may not receive a rewarding peace sign flashed at you from oncoming traffic for your efforts, but you might just find a new outlook for your business and have a better understanding of what you need to do to be more successful.

For advice on how to get started on your marketing plan and create your own group of followers, send me an email at info@akbsmallbusinessmarketing.com or call 647 449 6760.

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