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Say What! Brand New Second Hand Marketing, Anyone?

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Say What! Brand New Second Hand Marketing, Anyone?

Say What! Brand New Second Hand Marketing, Anyone?


All this buzz about the latest and greatest web 2.0 marketing strategies is making my head spin.  I suspect I’m not alone. Maybe it’s the very same for many other small business owners grappling with growing their customer base and adding to the bottom line.

 Email campaign this. Blog that. Twitter now. Facebook later. Un-conference tomorrow. Community today.


It’s a similar question I find I’m asking myself as a small business marketer – where did the tried and true marketing strategies go; ones that got you connected, really connected with your customers and brought you before your ideal prospects.  Were they banished forever in the kingdom of ‘ole skool’.


Are these new practices just the flip side of the coin- connection, community, care and consistency?


Truth be told, marketing to customers is the same as it was yesterday, today and forever. The packaging might be different, the distribution fast as lighting speed and the players less tolerant but as I see it -what is old is new again.  There is nothing new under the sun the good book says.


When you peel away the layers, the packaging, the lingo, the medium -  it boils down to the tried and true concept  of  building strong relationships, establishing trust, solving problems and understanding what customers want.


Isn’t this what we’ve been doing our entire life?  Amy, your best friend forever (BFF) did not earn that spot because she followed you on Twitter or begged for the spot on some blog; neither did Ashley, God mother to your first born won this sacred place because she connected with you on Facebook.  


I also suspect your significant other didn’t sweep you off your feet with a string of mass email campaigns or banner ads.


These relationships were built over time, laughter by laugher, tear by tear, fight by fight as you listened, understood, cared and shared.


Suddenly, the enlightenment comes – the top experts, the gurus, the stars, the mega marketing ministers are now echoing with one voice – build relationships, build community, listen to your customers, treat them like family, and solve their problems. 


Do all this and more and you’re bound to create raving fans, evangelists, referral partners, customers, followers, call it what you may.


I believe we’ve come full circle – these seeming new marketing ideas are not so new after all.  It’s what many small business owners and other companies have been practicing for eons and eons.


I admit, the packaging is high tech to boot, compelling even. It’s connects like never before, it’s instant, real time and online but at the heart of the crux of the matter isn’t new. To me, it’s what I call brand new second hand.


Am I alone or am I alone? What are your thoughts?


By: Dorothy Vernon-Brown

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