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Say NO to summer slump: Hit the ground running for the fall

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Say NO to summer slump: Hit the ground running for the fall

Shawn Fidler of The Co-operators in Brampton, ON calls it ‘facial recognition’. A summer strategy he uses to check-in and reconnect with his clients over coffee or lunch. He also uses it as an opportunity to get out and about in his community.

According to Fidler, this is how he takes advantage of the summer months so there is no summer slump. “Summer is great for my business, my clients are more relaxed, their schedules are lighter and they tend to have a more positive mindset as the weather is beautiful,” says Fidler.

Experiencing a summer slump or turbo charging your business over the summer is entirely up to you.

Here are seven super easy ways to turbo charge your business summertime:

1.       Take a break. Get away

Recharging your batteries should be mandatory. Your business success relies on your health as the business owner. You can’t grow the business if you are sick or laid up in the hospital. Make it a priority to schedule vacation time, disconnect from your electronics and chillax.

If shorter blocks of time work better, consider 4 day weeks with a longer weekend or work in the mornings and take the afternoons off.

2.       Review your business plan

Set aside a few hours or a day to review your business and/or marketing plan (hopefully there is one). It’s a way to determine if your business is on track to reach its goals, what has worked, what hasn’t and what needs improvement.  It’s an opportune time to detail your action plan for the rest of the year.

3.       Reconnect with your clients

Remember the old adage: “Out of sight, out of mind?” Since this is the last thing you want, use this time to reconnect with your clients and business partners over lunch or coffee. Exchange ideas, catch up on what’s new or share your new products and services.

4.       Refresh your website

With search engines always looking for fresh content, summer is the perfect time to review and refresh the information on your website. If you have new products and services, if your prices have changed, if you have won awards or have been mentioned in the media, this is good fodder for your website. If your site is very dated and still using old technology a more extensive makeover might be required.

5.       Meet new people

Summer is a great time to meet new and interesting people. Make it a goal to attend  networking events, business mixers, golf days, barbecues, whatever.

Meeting new people is only the beginning; building long lasting relationship is the clincher. Have a plan and be intentional.

6.       Give back to your clients and community

Giving back to your clients and community shows that you care and appreciate their support. It elevates your business and provides meaningful exposure. Who doesn’t love a great barbecue, car wash or golf day? Don’t forget to offer your guest some kind of incentive or special.

7.       Back up your data

If your computer has crashed before and you have lost your data, you know the intense pain and inconvenience. This is a great time to back-up everything, do a tune up and upgrade where you need to.

Commit to using your summer months wisely and then jump into action. Do this and you will hit the ground running in the fall.

For more ideas on how to avoid the summer slump write to us at info@akbsmallbusinessmarketing.com or call 647 449 6760.


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Five (5) Things I Didn’t Learn At Social Media Marketing World Conference

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Five (5) Things I Didn’t Learn At Social Media Marketing World Conference

You know how sometimes we learn more from what’s not said than what is.

Well, at the recent Social Media Marketing World conference in the beautiful San Diego here are five (5) things I did not learn.

Click video to hear and see:


What are some things about Social Media you would like to learn?  Comment in the box below or email purplecowmkt@akbsmallbusinessmarketing.com or call 647 449 6760.

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Market Your Small Business With Pinterest

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Market Your Small Business With Pinterest

Unless you have just emerged from the Dark Ages, by now you would have heard about Pinterest.  Call it the ‘hot’, young darling of Social Media.  

Pinterest is a virtual pin board. Think of it like a scrapbook with lots of your favourite photos and mementos, only, its digital. 

With Pinterest, you “pin” or “like” images of items that you’re interested in or really like.  This could be images and/or videos of ‘stuff’ you like, you, your work, your colleagues, your clients – just about anyone or anything in your world.

Considered another way, Pinterest is a great way to tell your company’s story and spotlight it’s personality with photos and videos.

Here’s why Pinterest should not be ignored:

  • Pinterest has more than 26 million unique visitors per month.  Once you have a Pinterest profile, it is easy for clients and vendors to find you by conducting searches within your industry.  You may also network with other businesses in an easier format than Linkedin.
  •  Pinterest  is fun.  The site allows you to organize images, maybe beautiful flowers, invitations , delightful dishes,  funnies, into boards for specific categories.  Some popular categories include food, clothes, jewellery,  crafts, interior decorating, etc.  When you “pin” something new, your followers automatically see it. They can like, comment or re-pin it to their boards, And like ‘Facebook’, your Pinterest pins can go viral. With Pinterest you can also add videos.
  • Pinterest allows you to tell your brand’s story visually.   You are able to create a virtual catalogue of distinct images that speak to your particular brand.  This will keep customers and prospects visiting your page, and naturally increase the amount of followers. Approximately 80% of Pinterest users are women within the 25 – 34 age bracket.  Is this your demographic?
  • Pinterest visitors are more likely to buy your product.    According to AllFacebook.com, 69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they’ve bought or wanted to buy, compared with 40% of Facebook users.
  •  Small businesses such as graphic artists, photographers, designers (just to name a few) are now able to showcase their work for free, and you can too.  Displaying your creativity and personal style on Pinterest, will give prospective clients the opportunity to view your work before making that purchasing decision.

        Here are a few ways to use Pinterest effectively

  • Outline your company history with images. E.g show the iterations of your logo, share past and present ad campaigns (the good and bad), retired products and/or retired employees.  Showcase awards and recognition.
  •  Pin ‘behind-the-scenes’ images of employees and other internal stakeholders.  How about clients experiencing your products and services.  Consider ‘a day-in-the-life of’ series of photos.  Powerful images like these would really help to tell your story.
  • Showcase the charity involvement or causes that matter to you.  Your customers and prospects would be thrilled to see how you are giving back to your community.

Pinterest  can become a great marketing tool for your small business. Lean in. 

Having great success with your Pinterest marketing? Please share with us in the comments below.

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Part 4 – Small Business Marketing Ideas You Can Steal Now. A 5 Part Series

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Part 4 – Small Business Marketing Ideas You Can Steal Now. A 5 Part Series

Keep ‘em coming; I am always delighted to get feedback from my clients and prospects on what they find useful and what works for them.

Along with this five part series blog, I also created an easy to read 50 Small Business Marketing Ideas desk card. Many of you told me you found the information very useful and have even implemented a tip or two. Thank you for the positive feedback.

So, in the spirit of usefulness and relevance let me offer you some more marketing insights.

16. Join credible networking
I’m sure we’ve heard the old saying “It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know’. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to know what you’re doing and talking about that’s not the entire equation. In today’s business world, the opportunity to do business with someone is directly connected with who you know. Think about it for a minute.
To fast track the quality and quantity of business you do, it might be worth the time and money to become part of a credible networking group. Offline groups like Business Networking International (BNI), the largest networking group in the world, your local chamber of commerce or an industry professional group might just be the place to start. Ensure the fit is right and you feel comfortable within the group. A word of caution – go with a ‘Givers Gain’ mindset and not a ‘Take More Than I Give’, for in doing so you’ll win and build lasting relationships.

Bob Burg in his book Endless Referrals, suggests that forty (40) per cent of new business comes from referrals or word of mouth. It’s who you know and who they know. He refers to it as the sphere of influence.

In the online world, social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Diggs and so on are great places to start. LinkedIn is the leading and most credible social network for professionals; it has over thirty five (35) million business professionals in two hundred (200) countries across one hundred and seventy five (175) industries. Best of all it’s free and easy to set up.

17. Network your business by volunteering
Doing good is good for your small business and that’s why performing community service can be a great way to enhance your business profile. In so doing you can establish important professional relationships, build brand identity, gain new customers while at the same time strengthening your community.

Don’t ever believe you’re too small to make a worthwhile contribution or support a cause that’s near and dear to you and/or your business mission. When considering volunteer opportunities be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is this cause closely aligned with or related to my company, industry, product segment or business goals?
2. Will the volunteer effort deliver high impact results?
3. Is the volunteer schedule flexible and convenient to facilitate my participation?

Being recognized by your peers, community leaders and the media as a good corporate citizen is good for you and your business. There are many local non-profit and charitable organizations that recognize outstanding community volunteers and small businesses. In Canada, one such leading organization is Imagine Canada (www.imaginecanada.ca).

18. Create an email signature for every email you send out
How many email messages do you send daily, monthly or yearly? Do a check. You’d be surprised how many messages you send out and perhaps how many missed opportunities to inform your ‘community’ about any special news or happenings.
Without question, your email signature line is a low cost, highly visible, high-return and powerful marketing tool. It is your online business card or classified ad. It might also be considered the most missed marketing tool.

As a rule of thumb, your signature line should be four to six lines and never more than eight. Here are some ways you can creatively use your signature line:

• A quote that represents your business or your values
• An invitation to a special event, conference, or to subscribe to your organization’s email newsletter.
• An announcement of a new program, award, service, company specials, blog or website
• A call to support a cause or contribute to a campaign or fundraiser
Keep your signature line updated and never miss another opportunity to use it as your classified ad.

19. Use your voicemail to promote an event, special offer etc.
Your telephone voice mail is another great, low cost, high impact marketing tool; often overlook; often underused. If you want to pull more customers in or announce something special, your business and cell phone voice mail are two good places to start.
Use your voice mail to describe what you do and how you can help your customers and prospect. Instead of saying ‘ Hello, you’ve reached Ann’s voice mail, sorry I missed you, please leave a message’ etc etc. Consider tweaking it to say something like this:
“Hello, you’ve reached Ann with AKB² Small Business Marketing. We help small businesses attract new customers and increase sales revenues. For more information on how we can help you , visit us at www.akbsmallbusinessmarketing.com.” etc. etc.
Ensure there is some call to action, whether is to visit your website, sign-up for your newsletter, announce an upcoming event or any other call to action.

Be creative, there are many ways you can use your voice mail as a marketing tool. Be sure to keep it reasonably short so customers and prospects do not become impatient or frustrated.

20. Ask your customers, colleagues, friends and family for referrals. Put a system in place
Referrals are one of the best ways to grow your small business. Earlier, we established that forty (40) per cent of new business comes from referrals. The key to building a steady stream of referral business is to build it into your sales system. Here are a couple of ways to get started.

Ask regularly and make this a habit. Do it ALL the time and not just sometimes. If you do this infrequently your results will be less than stellar. Ask frequently and you’re more likely to get many valuable leads. Dedicate a day or even a couple hours a week for the purpose of seeking referrals only.

After the close of every sale or delivery of great service ask for referrals then. It’s a good time, having just established yourself as a good service provider, your customer will be more likely willing and ready to pass on a good referral.

Think creatively and look beyond your usual customers. Consider complementary businesses which might have some of your ideal customers. Form a power team and watch your referral list grow.

Until Part 5…keep going; keep growing your small business.

By: Dorothy Vernon-Brown

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Part 3 – Small Business Marketing Ideas You Can Steal Now. A 5 Part Series

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Part 3 – Small Business Marketing Ideas You Can Steal Now. A 5 Part Series

If you have been following this series, I sincerely hope by now you would have tried at least one of these ideas.  If you have, let me know what’s been working for you and the results you have seen.  Who to tell, you might just inspire another small business to do something or try something new.


For now, let’s keep it moving with more insights.


11. Write articles and submit to your local newspaper or internet syndication

When your marketing and advertising dollars are scarce to non-existent and you have a talent for stringing a word or two together sensibly, writing articles for your local newspaper or trade publication could be your ticket to low cost advertising.


Local newspapers or trade publications are always in need of good articles, so if you are a wordsmith, start putting pen to paper.  Typically, in exchange for your article you get a byline or author’s bio. This is worth its weight in gold and a good way to promote your business.  In addition, you establish yourself as a subject matter expert.


Consider, as well, submitting your articles to a variety of websites and article directories.  It’s a good way to be found online.


Many small businesses overlook the value of a good press release; it’s publicity you cannot buy.  So if you’ve just received an award, opened a second location, celebrated a significant milestone, innovated the most sought after eco-product or established a new charity – these are all newsworthy reasons to send a well crafted press release to your local media. The editor could be all over it. 




12. Put your company name, logo and first name on your winter and spring jackets.

This strategy isn’t novel but sure is underutilized by small businesses. This practice can prove to be successful. It tends to a real ice-breaker and can lead to an interesting conversation with a prospect.  


A real estate broker once boasted that this is one of the most effective promotional strategies he’s used over the years.  He says it breaks the ice all the time, whether he’s at his son’s hockey practice or simply up and about his daily business.  There’s a reason why more established companies have logoed garments for their employees – any guesses?


13. Plan a contest. Contests are a great way to get noticed

Want to create some buzz? Creating a contest is surefire way to do so. Who doesn’t like a contest especially if the prizes are great? It’s a tried and tested strategy that works.


You can create any contest you wish – your dream job, dream kids, dream spouse….you get the picture. Be sure that the contest and prize fit with your business. After all, you’re looking to create buzz for your business.


Plan your contest carefully. How long will your contest run for? Will you offer just one grand prize or several? How will you communicate your contest and how will you communicate with your entrants.

Once the contest is over and there’s a winner be sure to publicize the happy recipient (ensure your winner signs a release) with photos and announcements in the local press, in your e-newsletter, on your Linked In, on your Twitter and so on.

 14. Send Thank You notes or letters to your customers or people who have been helpful to you

 How much is fifty words and a fifty cent stamp worth to your business? How about:


  • lifetime customers
  •  sendless referrals
  • new business
    more frequent purchase
  • Improve vendor relations

 The list goes on.


Do you realize that a simple thank you note is the most powerful and cost effective relationship tool you can use in your marketing tool box?  If not yet a practice, be sure to include Thank You notes, cards or letters in your arsenal. This simple act has been proven must do.


15. Network with your IDEAL Client type and/or connectors. Join a gym where they hangout


In order to hangout or network where you find your IDEAL client type and/or connectors, first you need to establish who they are.  You may begin by creating an Ideal Client Profile – ask yourself (better yet, document your answers to) questions like these:

  • What business or career are they in?
  • What demographics do they fit? (age, sex, race, religion, income, marital status, etc.)
  • What’s important to them in business and in life?
  • What do they value most about you and your business?
  • What personality characteristics do they have?
  • What do you get from them (besides payment)?

What’s the nature of the relationship (transactional, relational, customer for life, friend, family etc)With a better understanding of who they are, now think about where to find them – in civic groups, particular professions or industry, professional or other kinds of associations, gyms or an ‘old boys club’.


Armed with the ‘where’ next, get in the game and join, hangout or become a part of their network.  Be strategic.


Until part 4, do something. Anything, worthwhile.


By: Dorothy Vernon-Brown

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Part 1 – Small Business Marketing Ideas You can Steal Now. A 5 Part Series.

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Part 1 – Small Business Marketing Ideas You can Steal Now. A 5 Part Series.

It’s a common dilemma for small businesses – more customers required but little to no marketing dollars available. It’s a classic chicken and egg case – spend marketing dollars and they will come or have customers then spend marketing dollars. It’s a challenge I see over and over again in my small business marketing practice.


The great news is – it doesn’t need to be so. Small businesses can still market on a lean budget. If you’re open to new ways, sometimes out of your comfort zone ways…have a dash of creativity and even a small dose of discipline you can begin to attract more customers on the cheap.


This five part series will outline some real cost effective and simple marketing ideas you can steal now.


Marketing has a beginning but never an end, so determine your short, medium and long term strategies as you implement these ideas.


One last thing, as a small business owner you cannot not market.


1) Start a Blog

With the era of social networking in full throttle mode, getting found online is imperative. Period. If you fail to embrace Web 2.0, prepare for a slow death.

Many of your customers and prospects are doing most of their search online before making a purchasing decision. Blogger.com or WordPress.com are free tools and a good place to start.


2) Create an email newsletter

Creating an email newsletter is another cheap way of connecting with your customer base and prospects on a regular basis, whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Include information they want to hear and will read, forget the sales pitch. Start with the What’s In It For Them mindset – great content, the latest and greatest in your industry, a special discount, a not to miss event; something your customers and prospects will value.

There are many email management systems out there – eMarketer by SoftEdge, Constant Contact, Emma, Mail Chimp to name a few.


3) Set up a Linked In or Facebook Account

More freebies- Linked In and Facebook are becoming useful marketing tools for small businesses; they are easy to set up and get you connected with other businesses quickly. Use them to invite people into your community. While some small business owners might not see the value in Facebook, its gaining traction as a compelling business tool especially when you use the Fan page right. Linked In is a hands down winner as a business tool. Many success stories abound as to its usefulness. Proceed quickly.


4) Start Tweeting

A tweet is a short message or entry post on the micro blogging site Twitter, another social network medium. You can begin your free account at Twitter.com. According to them, it helps you share and discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world. Why in the world would a small business care? Twitter evangelist, David Spark, feels that Twitter gives you an opportunity to connect in a way that isn’t possible with any other communication tool. David’s Sixteen Great Twitter Moment article explains its usefulness perfectly. (Respond to me for article)


5. Create a Signature Event

Quality face time gives you an unparallel opportunity to have a conversation with your customers and prospects. So whether it’s a networking event, a workshop, a seminar, a fireside chat, a conference – consider something you can create to add value to your customers and prospects.

Until part two, just do it. Do something.


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By: Dorothy Vernon-Brown



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